New 2010 version of TrackYourHours now available.

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Last week we released an updated version of TrackYourHours (TYH 2010) which allows you to track hours in the new required 2010 format. You are still able to access and track hours prior to 2010 using the TYH Legacy version of TrackYourHours. We have also updated the TYH Mobile version.

Each time you login you will be able to choose which version of TrackYourHours you would like to use.

TYH Login

In order to get this update launched in a timely manner, we have temporarily removed some functionality from TYH 2010:

  • We have temporarily removed the Reports area from TYH 2010. We will be adding this back in the next couple weeks.
  • We have removed the “Approved: Yes/No” feature from the Hours page.
  • The Print Hours function on the Hours page has been removed.
  • You are still able to print BBS forms in the Forms area of the software.
  • We will be adding the new Experience Verification form in a couple weeks.

We are aware that the weekly hours total currently does not “double” the Conjoint Couples and Family hours. We will address this issue next week.

As we release new updates to the software, we will send out information via email as well as update our blog,  so be sure to check back regularly.

Please note that we are working on a complete redesign of TrackYourHours which will make tracking and reporting your hours even easier. We plan to launch this redesign in a couple months.

We want to let you know that TrackYourHours will continue to provide you with the best and easiest way to track and report your hours and help you comply with the MFT (and soon ASW/LCSW) licensing requirements.

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