Approved Amendment to AB-462 April 2021

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Update 11/1/2021 – AB462 passed with an effective date of January 1, 2022.

Assembly Bill 462 (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Act) is currently making its way through the legislative process. If the bill passes through the legislature and is signed by the Governor, APCCs will no longer be required to meet additional requirements in order to expand their scope of practice to assess or treat couples or families as LPCCs. In addition, APCCs would no longer be required to log 150 hours of experience in a hospital or community mental health setting.  We will post updates as additional information is released.

The amendment proposes the following changes to AB-462.

Removes the following requirement:

  • Professional clinical counseling does not include the assessment or treatment of couples or families unless the professional clinical counselor has completed all of the following training and education…”
    • (i)Six semester units or nine quarter units specifically focused on the theory and application of marriage and family therapy.
    • (ii)A named specialization or emphasis area on the qualifying degree in marriage and family therapy; marital and family therapy; marriage, family, and child counseling; or couple and family therapy.
    • (B)No less than 500 hours of documented supervised experience working directly with couples, families, or children.
    • (C)A minimum of six hours of continuing education specific to marriage and family therapy, completed in each license renewal cycle.

Removes the following requirement:

  • Not less than 150 hours of clinical experience in a hospital or community mental health setting, as defined in Section 4999.12.

Updates to TYH

If AB-462 passes, we will be update TYH to make the following changes to California LPCC accounts:

  • The category “Hospital & Community Mental Health Experience” will be removed from the Dashboard.
  • The category “Total Hours Logged with Couples, Families or Children” will be removed from the Dashboard.
  • The category “Of the above, how many are with Couples, Families or Children?” will be removed from the popup used to log hours on the Hours tab.

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