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December 17

Six Year Rule

What is the 6-year rule? California Associates may only claim hours earned within 6 years of the date they submit their application for examination and licensure. The only exception to this rule is that AMFTs may claim up to 500 pre-degree practicum hours in the categories of counseling and supervision (other categories may not be … Continued

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November 20

California LMFT Option 2

What if I am unable to complete my 3,000 total hours by December 31, 2020, but I want to be evaluated under Option 2 (old requirements)? On Friday, May 15 the BBS hosted a Facebook Live event and stated that if you are unable to complete the Option 2 requirements by December 31, 2020 as … Continued

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October 21

BBS Fee Increase for 2021

The BBS has announced that they will be increasing their fees on January 1, 2021.  Learn More by reading the FAQ released by the BBS.  

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August 31

COVID waiver extensions

Four of the COVID-19 waivers have been extended by the BBS: renewal requirements – extended to Oct 31, 2020 L&E Exam requirement for subsequent registrations – extended to Oct 31, 2020 face-to-face supervision – extended to Nov 2, 2020 practicum enrollment – (date has not been updated by the BBS but they have stated that … Continued

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July 23

Logging Telehealth Hours (California ASWs)

Given the current pandemic there are a lot of questions about logging telehealth hours.  Below is the latest information specific to ASWs. How do I log telehealth hours? The ASW requirements do not require hours to be logged under a category of telehealth because there is no maximum for that category and the category is … Continued

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July 6

Extension to waiver for face-to-face supervision

The BBS order waiving face-to-face training and supervision requirements that was originally set to expire on July 5, 2020 has been extended through September 3, 2020.  Read the BBS announcement.  What does this mean?  Regardless of the type of setting that you are working in (including private practices), you may gain your required weekly direct … Continued

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June 25

Waiver to extend examination eligibility

The BBS has issued a wavier extending examination eligibility for marriage and family therapist (LMFT), clinical social worker (LCSW) and professional clinical counselor (LPCC) applicants that failed the clinical examination, and whose one-year eligibility to re-take the examination expired between March 31, 2020 and July 1, 2020.  This waiver allows 18 months instead of 12 … Continued

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June 9

Law & Ethics Exam Waiver for Subsequent Associate Registration

The BBS has granted a waiver for the requirement that associates (associate marriage and family therapists, associate clinical social workers, and associate professional clinical counselors) must pass the California law and ethics examination before a subsequent registration number is issued.  The waiver applies to all associates who are in their last year of renewal, if … Continued

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June 9

Practicum Enrollment Waiver from BBS

Under current law MFT trainees are permitted to counsel clients outside of practicum as long as the period of lapsed enrollment in the practicum is less than 90 calendar days.  The BBS has issued a waiver that extends the lapsed enrollment period from 90 days to 180 days.  Note that the waiver only applies to … Continued

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May 19

Logging Telehealth Hours (California APCCs)

Given the current pandemic there are a lot of questions about logging telehealth hours.  Below is the latest information on these topics that is specific to APCCs. How do I log telehealth hours? The LPCC Option 1 (new) requirements, which all APCCs should use, do not require hours to be logged under the category of … Continued

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