Logging Telehealth Hours (California APCCs)

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Given the current pandemic there are a lot of questions about logging telehealth hours.  Below is the latest information on these topics that is specific to APCCs.

How do I log telehealth hours?

The LPCC Option 1 (new) requirements, which all APCCs should use, do not require hours to be logged under the category of telehealth because there is no maximum for that category and the category is not reported separately on the Option 1 forms.  Although the hours should not be logged under the category of telehealth for purposes of tracking hours for the BBS, please note that there are some states that require a breakout between face-to-face and telehealth hours when applying for licensure.  For purposes of license portability we recommend using the Notes field in TYH to indicate which hours are telehealth in case you ever need to report these hours separately at some point in the future.

What if I want to use the Option 2 (old) requirements?

For APPCs the Option 1 requirements will always result in the same or more hours than Option 2.  There would never be a situation where it would be advantageous to use the Option 2 requirements so you should use Option 1.  For this reason TYH only produces the Option 1 forms.

Can I provide services via telehealth?

Yes!  All APCCs are permitted to perform services via telehealth with clients who are located in California under the supervision of their supervisor.

Am I required to receive face-to-face supervision?

As a result of a waiver issued by the BBS, associates are not required by law to meet with their supervisor in-person during this state of emergency.  You may gain your required weekly direct supervisor contact via two-way, real-time videoconferencing.  The BBS recently clarified that this waiver is active from March 4, 2020 (the date of the Governor’s initial state of emergency declaration) forward.

Do I still need to submit original forms with wet signatures when submitting my application?

The BBS has always required original forms with wet signatures to be submitted with the application for licensure.  The BBS hosted a FB Live session on Friday, May 8.  During this session they stated that scanned forms will be accepted during the COVID-19 pandemic.   What does this mean?  You can email your experience verification form to your supervisor for a signature and he/she can sign it, scan it and email it back to you.  It is unclear when/if the BBS will revert back to requiring wet signatures but for now you can submit scanned documents.

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