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December 19

MFT Interns & Trainees – supervision hours no longer required for professional enrichment activities

MFT Interns & Trainees – supervision hours no longer required for professional enrichment activities As a result of the recent passage of SB 1575, which amended Section 4980.43 of the Business and Professions Code, MFT trainees and interns are no longer required to receive direct supervision for professional enrichment activities (workshops, seminars, training sessions, and … Continued

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December 12

TrackYourHours Knowledge Base Update

TrackYourHours has updated the Knowledge Base in order to provide a better experience to our users.  The new Knowledge Base includes useful articles and instructional videos about using TrackYourHours as well as links to licensure regulations and resources.  We will continue to expand the Knowledge Base over the next several months.  The Knowledge Base can … Continued

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December 12

BBS application processing times

We know that one of your main goals as an intern or trainee is to gain enough hours to sit for licensure with the BBS.  If you’ve already submitted your application and are wondering where you are in the process, the BBS website frequently updates what ‘week’ of submitted applications they are currently working on. … Continued

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December 3

New Grads: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

All the hard work you put in with graduate school is coming to an end and now you’re ready to get your career started. Distinguishing yourself from other fresh grads is essential to landing that first position out in the field. Below are eight tips to help you get started today. Join and assume leadership … Continued

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March 13

Updates to California MFT version of our software on March 19th

We postponed our scheduled release by a week in order to address some issues related to generating Weekly Summary Logs. We are making the necessary updates and will release the new version on Monday, March 19th.  Applying these rule changes is very complex due to the many factors that go into calculating valid hours.  We … Continued

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January 24

Licensing Applications and BBS Processing Times

We know that one of your main goals as an intern or trainee is to gain enough hours to sit for licensure with the BBS. With cutbacks in staff in early 2011, the current processing time for MFT and LCSW applications is running a few months out.  If you’ve already submitted your application and are … Continued

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January 18

New Disclosure Requirements for MFT Interns and Trainees

To all the MFT Interns and Trainees out there, we’re sure you know by now that there have been new changes to how you are able to accrue hours due to a law that went in effect January 1st, 2012. In addition, the statute makes several changes to the proper ways of informing clients of … Continued

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January 16

Finding a Mentor

The path to a career in Social Work or as an MFT can take many forms and navigating your first steps in the field can seem daunting.  Seeking the guidance of seasoned colleagues can help build towards a successful career and provide invaluable insight along the way. A mentor is not meant to take the … Continued

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January 10

Declutter Your Digital Life

Though our professional and personal lives are moving away from paper, our digital lives can still be filled with clutter.  The more time we spend working through e-mail, downloading journal articles or combing through RSS feeds, the more messy our digital lives can get. Use these 6 tips to clean up your inbox, tidy up … Continued

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January 8

New 2012 BBS Rules for California MFT Trainees and Interns

The BBS has made some changes to the rules for hours gained beginning January 1, 2012 The change in law limits the maximum amount of client centered advocacy that can be gained as experience for licensure to 500 hours.  Actually, you can only claim up to 500 hours total from the Notes and CCA categories … Continued

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