BBS application processing times

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We know that one of your main goals as an intern or trainee is to gain enough hours to sit for licensure with the BBS.  If you’ve already submitted your application and are wondering where you are in the process, the BBS website frequently updates what ‘week’ of submitted applications they are currently working on.  You can find the most current information here. 


For the week of December 10th, 2012, the BBS is working on applications received during the following weeks:

Application Date
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Registration Application November 28, 2012
Associate Social Worker Registration Application December 3, 2012
Professional Clinical Counselor Intern Registration Application November 28, 2012
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Examination Eligibility Applications July 20, 2012
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Examination Eligibility Applications August 15, 2012
Licensed Educational Psychologist Examination Eligibility Applications December 3, 2012
Continuing Education Provider Application November 29, 2012

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