TrackYourHours Newsletter – August 2013

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The BBS has approved some minor updates to the experience requirements for MFTs.  These updates simply strike old category maximums for administering and evaluating psych tests and telephone counseling because they were in conflict with the new regulations that have been in place since January 1, 2012.  The changes will be effective as of October 1, 2013.  If an update to the TYH software is required we will send a separate email to all MFT subscribers.  Learn more.

The Department of Consumer Affairs is developing a new system (BreEZe) that will allow you to go online to apply for a license, pay fees securely, submit an address change, etc..  BreEZe is schedule to go live for the BBS this fall.   Learn more.

Site Updates

All of our development resources are focused on TYH Mobile.  Final beta testing will start in a couple of weeks and we will launch as soon as the beta testing is complete.  TYH Mobile will allow you to log and view your hours from your smart phone.  We know everyone is anxiously awaiting the release and we are working as quickly as possible to deliver.  We will launch in October!


How many people can participate in a session of group supervision?
Group supervision sessions shall include no more than eight (8) persons receiving supervision.
Statutes and Regulations cited: B&P Code Section 4980.43; CCR Section 1833

Can I count hours logged after graduating but prior to receiving my registered intern number? (MFT only)
After graduating your status becomes post-degree with application pending and you may continue to log hours so long as you apply for your Intern registration within 90 days of your degree conferral (graduation) date.  The board does not grant any exceptions.  If you miss the 90 day deadline you will lose hours.
Statues and Regulations cited:  B&P Code Section 4980.43   

Do I need to log my hours on a daily basis in TrackYourHours or can I log them weekly?
In TrackYourHours you have the option of logging your hours on a daily basis but it is not required for purposes of reporting your hours to the BBS.  If you would prefer to log your hours on a weekly basis just record your weekly total on the Monday of the week the hours were earned.  Whether you log your hours daily or weekly your weekly logs and Experience Verification Forms will look identical.

How do I indicate the status of hours entered in TrackYourHours?
TYH does this for you!  Just enter your hours and the software will automatically log your hours under the appropriate status based on the dates you have entered on the School & Status Information page (located under the Account & Billing tab).  When you generate your forms your hours will be reported under the appropriate statuses automatically.

Have questions?  
Click the Support tab that hovers on the left side of the page in TrackYourHours or visit our Knowledge Base for information about TrackYourHours and licensure regulations.

BBS Processing Times

MFT Intern Registration Application – July 24, 2013
ASW Registration Application – July 22, 2013
PCC Intern Registration Application – July 7, 2013
LMFT Examination Eligibility Application – February 1, 2013
LCSW Examination Eligibility Application – February 25, 2013
*Dates reflect the submission date of applications being reviewed the week of August 26, 2013.

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