Tips for submitting your application to the BBS

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The following information is applicable to MFT, LCSW and LPCC candidates submitting to the BBS

Review your hours carefully to ensure you have enough cushion above the total required by the BBS.  There is always a possibility that the BBS will exclude some of the hours that you submit.  It is important to review the following information:

  • Valid total – Your valid total should be above the number of hours required by the BBS.  How far above?  That question is impossible to answer because each individual circumstance is different.  Based on our experience we always recommend that you gain some cushion.  We strongly advise against submitting your hours without any cushion.
  • Alerts – Review each alert carefully.  If you have alerts that state “hours have NOT been subtracted from your valid total” you will need to make a manual adjustment to your valid total.  For more information about recorded hours, valid hours and alerts, please read this article.  

Make sure your paperwork is 100% complete. This sounds pretty basic, but according to the BBS, the number one reason why applications are refused from sitting for exams is that they are missing information.

Double check that your graduate course work meets all the requirements. The BBS lists accredited and approved schools, so you can see if your program is on the list.  If not, it is possible to take CEUs that meet the BBS criteria.  Review the MFTLCSW or LPCC education requirements.

Make sure your transcripts are in a sealed envelope.  This is a must for the BBS.

Ensure that your supervisor’s license was valid at the time he/she supervised you.  You can lookup the status of your supervisor’s license by clicking here.

Include all signed Experience Verification Forms in sequential date order.  When you print your forms double check to make certain that you have included all forms and that each sheet includes signatures in the proper place.  Organize the forms in sequential order by date.

Documentation of offsite supervision or supervision not paid for by the employer.  It is permissible to get offsite supervision in any work setting other than private practice, but only where an appropriately executed letter of agreement exists. This letter of agreement (the original) must be filed with your application.  The BBS provides a sample form that can be used as a template (MFT form, LCSW form or LPCC form).  If you are uncertain about whether you need to submit a letter, please speak with your supervisor.

Documentation of paid or volunteer status.  If you were paid for your services you must provide the board with copies of your W-2 tax forms.  If you were a volunteer, you must provide the BBS with a letter from your employer verifying your employment as a volunteer.

Do not use a binder or tabs.  We have spoken to the BBS about this issue and they have stated that they do not want the application submitted in a binder and they do not want you to use tabs.  Their preference is that you submit all of your paperwork with the application on top.  If you are sending a return self-addressed envelope, it should be placed on top.

Don’t forget your payment.  After making it through your graduate program, successfully logging thousands of hours and beginning to prepare for your exam, the last reason you would want to be denied is for forgetting to submit payment.

Organize your weekly experience logs in date order.  The BBS does not require you to submit your weekly logs with your application, but they may request them if they have questions about your hours after reviewing your Experience Verification Forms.  Organizing them now will ensure that you have them ready in case they are requested.

For additional information on the application process, contact the BBS with your questions.  CAMFT also provides some great resources.


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