TYH FAQ: Supervision Hours

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We receive a lot of emails from TYH users who are curious why they are “missing” hours from some categories when they go to print out a form or are reviewing their totals in the reports area of the software.

In every instance, we found that there was a misunderstanding about the rules of supervision hours. Here is what we mean:

If a trainee or intern wants to be able to report hours of experience for a particular week, he or she MUST have at least one unit of supervision for that week. This applies to each site a trainee or intern is working at. If a trainee or intern does not have any supervision for a particular week, he or she can NOT claim any hours for that week.

This rule often gets mixed up with the rule of supervision averages.

Meaning that over a given period of time, a trainee or intern must have enough supervision units to meet the ratio requirements specific to trainee status or intern status.  This rule of averages is applicable to weeks that include at least one unit of supervision.

The TrackYourHours software has been developed to help you abide by the rules set forth by the BBS to help you meet the requirement for licensure. The Experience Verification form generated by the TrackYourHours software and the information in the Reports area will not include hours from weeks where you do not have at least one unit of supervision.

So, if you have any weeks of direct service, workshops, notes, or any other non-supervision category, please make sure you have at least one unit of supervision so you can count those hours toward your total 3000.

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