Summary of BBS LMFT Experience Requirements

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Experience Type

Hours Earned Prior to

January 1, 2012

Hours Earned On or After

January 1, 2012

1.  Individual Counseling or Psychotherapy

No minimum or maximum

(Pre-degree maximum of 750 counseling + supervision)

2.  Couples, Family and Child Psychotherapy

Minimum 500 Hours

Minimum 500 Hours

(150 hours of conjoint couples & family therapy are double counted)

3.  Group Therapy or Counseling

Maximum 500 Hours

4.  Telemedicine Counseling

Maximum 375 Hours

5. Non-Counseling Experience (includes A – D below)

Maximum 1,250 Hours

Maximum 1,000

    A.  Attending Workshops, Seminars, Training Sessions or Conferences

Maximum 250 Hours

(weekly supervision requirement eliminated

September 29, 2012)

    B.  Personal Psychotherapy

Maximum 100 Hours

(hours are triple counted for a maximum of 300)

    C.  Client Centered Advocacy

Maximum 1,250 Hours

CCA moved to category 6

    D.  Direct Supervisor Contact

Minimum 52 Weeks

6.  Administering and Evaluating Psychological Tests, Writing Clinical Reports, Progress Notes, or Process Notes

Maximum 250 Hours

Maximum 500 Hours

(Includes CCA)

7.  Supervision, Individual

Minimum 52 Weeks

8.  Supervision, Group

No minimum or maximum

 A unit of supervision = 1 hour of individual supervision or 2 hours of group supervision. Group supervision must be a minimum of one 2-hour session or two 1-hour sessions in a week.

Pre-Degree:  Minimum one unit of supervision each week in each setting; one unit of supervision for every five hours of client contact in each setting (may average supervision hours to meet this requirement)

Post-Degree:  Minimum one unit of supervision each week in each setting; one additional unit in any week more than ten hours of client contact is claimed in each setting

(may not average supervision hours)

Weeks of Experience Required

Minimum 104 Weeks

(Minimum 52 weeks Individual Supervision)

 Total Hours of Experience Required

Pre-Degree Maximum

1,300 Hours

Post-Degree Minimum

1,700 Hours


Minimum 3,000 Hours

Adapted from information provided by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (  This information is provided as a brief summary of the requirements.  Refer to the Statutes and Regulations for specific information.          

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