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Licensed mental health counselors

Make sure you’re on track to meet all your license requirements. Just enter your hours, and we’ll do the rest.

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Simplify your data entry

Easily enter, edit, and track your licensure requirements on your dashboard. We’ll apply all the appropriate New York state rules automatically.

Monitor your progress

As you record your hours, we’ll keep track of the total amount of claimable hours you have. And we’ll apply all your licensure regulations for you.

Keep track of client-contact hours

We monitor the percentage of your total hours that are direct contact at each site to help you meet the requirement.

Never miss your supervision hours

We’ll automatically track all your supervision hours for you. If you’re not meeting a requirement, we’ll send you a progress alert.

Track all of your behind-the-scenes work

We make it easy to enter and monitor all that you do outside of direct client contact hours—all in relation to your category maximum.

Ensure accurate paperwork from start to finish

Fill out all your forms correctly—the first time. Every form auto-populates the required information and is instantly ready for your supervisor(s).

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