New experience verification form 06/2015

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The BBS has released a revised Marriage and Family Therapist Experience Verification Form that replaces the form that was recently updated (dated 04/2015).  The new form is dated 06/2015 and includes very minor revisions.  TrackYourHours has been updated so when you generate an Experience Verification Form the new form will be populated for any hours logged on or after January 1, 2010 (the BBS is retaining the pre-2010 form).  Here is a summary of the changes that were made to the 06/2015 form in comparison to the 04/2015 form: 

  • The date range column heading in the left hand column for lines “f” and “g” was changed from “2010 to 2012” to “2010 & 2011”.  The way hours are reported has not changed but the column heading was confusing on the 04/2015 version of the form.
  • The three asterisks have been removed from line “f”.
  • The three asterisks have been removed from line “g”.

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