How do I log and report personal psychotherapy hours? (California MFT)

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How do I log and report personal psychotherapy hours? (California MFT)

The BBS allows you to claim up to 100 personal psychotherapy hours and they apply a 3:1 multiplier to these hours (each hour logged counts as 3 hours so you can get credit for 300 hours if you log 100).  TrackYourHours tracks the personal psychotherapy hours but the software does not produce a formal report because the BBS does not include them on the Experience Verification Form.  When you fill out your BBS application you will see a section1 where you will enter your personal psych hours and dates you received therapy; just enter the recorded hours you see in TrackYourHours.  If you want to see a summary of the hours you have entered in TrackYourHours you can run the summary report from the Reports & Forms tab.  The last page(s) of the summary report include(s) a detailed listing of your personal psychotherapy hours.  

When you enter 1 personal psychotherapy hour into TrackYourHours your recorded total will increase by 1 and your valid total will increase by 3 because the software applies the 3:1 multiplier per the guidelines of the BBS.  You may enter the hours on the exact days they were earned or in blocks.  If you enter them in blocks you must ensure that you enter the hours on a day that falls within the appropriate status you were in at the time the hours were earned.  For example, if you earned 50 personal psych hours pre-degree and 100 post-degree, you would need to enter the block of 50 hours on a date that is prior to your graduation date and the block of 100 hours on a date that is after your graduation date.  This is important because the personal psych hours count toward sub-category and category totals pre- and post-degree.

To enter personal psychotherapy hours into TrackYourHours you just need to click on the “Personal Psych” tab at the top of the screen.  Here is a link to a video that shows how to enter the hours:

1 The personal psychotherapy hours are entered on the bottom of page one of the Marriage and Family Therapist Examination Eligibility Application (screen shot below). 

personal psych BBS form


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