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May 18

Software Update – Saving notes with your hours

Need to remember who led a workshop or other details about some of your hours? Our latest update adds the ability to save notes with your hours. When you save a note it is attached to a specific site and supervisor the same way your hours are. To view your notes, generate the new Weekly … Continued

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August 12

An easier way to log personal psychotherapy hours

When entering personal psychotherapy hours into TYH you can choose to enter each session individually or enter the hours in blocks (multiple sessions on a single day). Entering each session individually takes some time but it is the safest approach.  If you choose to enter the hours in blocks they will be counted correctly in … Continued

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March 18

TrackYourHours versus paper logs

What are the advantages of using TrackYourHours versus tracking your hours on paper?  Simplicity – Entering hours into TrackYourHours is quick and easy.  Using our mobile web app you can even log your hours on the go.    BBS rules automatically applied – When you enter your hours into TrackYourHours the appropriate BBS rules are … Continued

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February 7

Logging and reporting conjoint couples and family hours

How to Log BBS MFT Conjoint Couples and Family Hours Understanding the Conjoint Couples & Family Incentive The BBS provides an incentive for gaining experience treating couples and families.  Both pre- and post-degree you are allowed to “double-count” up to 150 hours of treatment of couples and families.  For example, if you log 150 hours … Continued

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May 3

I totaled the hours on my Summary Report and the total is different than my recorded/valid total; why? (California MFT)

Users will occasionally sum all of the hours on the Summary Report on the Reports & Forms tab and compare that total to the Valid total reported by TYH.  You cannot sum the hours on the Summary Report because it includes categories that duplicate hours.  For example, the non-counseling experience category is listed on the … Continued

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April 19

How do I indicate the status of hours that I enter into TrackYourHours?

One of the most powerful features of TrackYourHours is that the software automatically assigns the appropriate status (pre-degree, post-degree, trainee, trainee in practicum, post-degree with application pending for intern registration, or registered intern) to your hours based on the dates you enter on the School & Status Information tab.  

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