BBS Updates for July 2009

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The Board of Behavioral Sciences’ (BBS) Web site has been updated to include the following changes:

1. New information relating to fingerprinting requirements for licensees is now available. As a result of the adoption of new regulations, all licensees and registrants who have previously not submitted fingerprints as a condition of licensure or registration for the BBS, or for whom fingerprints do not exist in the DOJ’s criminal offender record identification database, must do so prior to their next renewal date occurring on or after October 31, 2009. (

2. The BBS’ “Approved Regulation” page now includes the final regulatory language for revisions to the BBS’ disciplinary guidelines and the new fingerprinting requirement for licensees. (

3. The August and November Board Meetings have been cancelled. See the Board Meetings page at:

These updates can also be found on the BBS “What’s New” page.

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