BBS New Supervision-Related Regulations Jan 1, 2022

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New supervision-related regulations have been approved by the BBS with an effective date of January 1, 2022. The new regulations do all of the following:

•       Create consistency in supervisor requirements and responsibilities between the LMFT, LCSW and LPCC professions.
•       Implement several new supervisor responsibilities.
•       Require all supervisors to submit a Self-Assessment Report in order to inform the Board that they are supervising, and to self-certify that they meet all qualifications to supervise.
•       Require supervisors and supervisees to complete and sign a Supervision Agreement (replaces the Supervisor Responsibility Statement and Supervisory Plan for NEW supervisory relationships). [this form is expected to be release on January 1, 2022]
•       Update the contents of the written oversight agreement (for NEW supervisory relationships)
•       Set standards in regards to temporary substitute supervisors.
•       Set standards for documentation when a supervisor is deceased or becomes incapacitated prior to signing off on an applicant’s supervised experience.
•       Set standards in regards to supervisees who have been placed in an agency by a temporary staffing agency.
•       Modify supervisor training requirements, including the following:
         o      Requires new supervisors to take 15 hours of supervision training that contains specified content within 60 days of commencing supervision.
         o      Requires existing supervisors to take 6 hours of continuing professional development every two years, which may include continuing education courses or other specified professional development activities.

View full text of the Supervision-Related Regulations document released by the BBS. 

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