What alerts does TrackYourHours provide? (California LPCC)

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TrackYourHours is programmed with all of the BBS regulations and analyzes the hours that you log and generates an alert whenever there is an issue. The following is a list of all of the potential alerts for LPCC Interns:

  • Category Maximums
    • Group Therapy or Counseling
    • Telemedicine Counseling
    • Psych Tests
    • Workshops and Training
    • Non-counseling Experience
  • Weekly Maximums
    • More than 40 hours logged in a week
    • More than 6 hours of supervision logged in a week
  • Supervision Requirements
    • Insufficient supervision to claim any experience hours in a week
    • Failure to log at least two units of supervision in a week with 11+ hours of counseling logged
    • Group supervision sessions that are less than one hour long
    • Professional development (workshop) hours logged without supervision prior to January 1, 2014
  • Six-year rule
    • Experience hours logged more than six years prior to the current date

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